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Showing up at the end of your commute or touring day only to find soggy sandwiches, cellphones, clothes, and shoes is the bummer of all bummers. Avoid this cycling fiasco with Nashbar’s waterproof bicycle panniers. They are made with rugged 400 denier nylon, which is scuff, puncture and tear resistant. Plus, the panniers are treated with an EPU coating on the inside which seals the deal -literally. A roll-top closure on some models makes it impossible for water to work its way in – you pretty much have to throw the panniers in a river to get your stuff wet. With liters of capacity, you can hit the road for days or months with these inexpensive bike panniers. The big brother of the company’s top-loading Touring Pannier, they feature reversible fanny pack hoods, horizontal and vertical compression, and modular reflective strips. Used in conjunction with the Cam Excursion or Cam Touring panniers you have enough room to take on a serious back country trip or an around the world tour. A 20° cutaway at the front of the bags maintains maximum volume and load placement while retaining sufficient heel clearance on any frame geometry.

Of all the trunk bags I tested, this one holds the most stuff. I’d recommend this highly to riders who prefer a smaller trunk bag. Unlike some of the bigger bags around, this is inconspicuous enough that you’ll barely notice it’s there while riding. Roswheel’s convertible bike trunk bag is made of 300 denier polyester and PU leather to keep the bag’s shape extremely effectively. If you prefer leather to a nylon or polyester bag, then this is hands-down the best bag for you. The velcro straps aren’t as convenient as the clip-on models, but they save on rack costs, and aren’t a dealbreaker by any means. This Rock Bros rack bag brings a bit of class with a composite carbon leather construction that is blended with 840D Nylon making it totally waterproof and weather-resistant. The BC Commuter Carrier trunk bag offers generous storage and high-quality build materials for a fraction of the cost of its competitors. It holds more than you’d expect and has reinforced, padded walls that protect not only the main compartment but also the side pockets.

I bought all kind of paniers in my life, 40 years of touring (sevreal weeks / year + commuting). Ortlieb paniers are perfectly waterproof and Axiom’s products are also very good but for the last 10 eayrs, my first choice, by far, are the Arkels. So well made, the design is perfect, Arkel’s people are taking in considaration all the needs we have. I have just got one Arkel back rack pannier and it has worked very well. It has been very useful regarding keeping my stuff and taking them somewhere. When you look for price then they are bit expensive, but trust me, its worth spending that much money. I pick up beautiful nicely made, rugged and durable panniers Voyager from cycles Lambert . Just wish if all panniers today on the market match this quality . I have used CROSSO panniers from Expert series for already 3 seasons.

Outdoor Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag Supplier

It’s made of high-quality 1200D nylon fabric and is unlikely to rip or tear. Also, it’s very simple, and installing it is easy and straightforward. The pouch is made of tough and durable 600D polyester fabric. i just got back from a trip from Colorado to Florida and i used Arkel Gt 54 rear and Gt 18 Front and i liked them. They worked well the zippers all worked perfectly they held everything i needed i like the tent roll. I loved how fast they came off when i needed to go inside or i use to throw them in my tent. i think the strap sewn to the bag for the lower hook was kind of a pain it alway got stuck and made it a bugger to get back on the rack especially with the weight of the rears. it could have been sleeved so the top of the hook that meets the bungee didn’t catch the elastic.

But it’s possible to take your bike wherever you go with a bike travel bag or case for protection and space efficiency. Below, you’ll find the best bicycle travel bags reviewed, as well as the best bicycle hard travel cases on the market. Hepburn’s EVA Bike Travel Case for 26”/700C/27.5” bikes is ideal for anybody looking to travel with their small road bicycle. In order to fit your bicycle into this road bike travel case, you must remove its pedals and wheels. They will fit snugly into a respective slot once disassembled. The Thule RoundTrip Pro XT Bike Case is the perfect in-between of a bicycle box and bag. It is a soft-shell nylon exterior but is enforced with aluminum poles throughout it to provide stability. To pack your bike away, just remove the wheels, pedals, and seat and put them in their respective sections of the bag. The Thule Round Trip Transition Bike Travel Case is great for those who want to have a sturdy exterior protection of their bike when they travel.

Identifying how your bicycle pannier will be used is a necessary step to purchase the right one for your bicycle. Get it now on A perfect bag for day rides or daily commute is the ROCK BROS Bike Trunk Bag. The pack offers a 13liter maximum capacity in the main compartment. It includes fold-out pockets on each side and some inside pockets to enhance the easy organization of small items convenient. The holder features an adjustable drawstring to protect the water bottle from falling out on bumpy roads. You can carry the trunk bag at night or in low lit areas because of the reflective straps that enhance better visibility at night. Whether you’re commuting across town or touring across the country, having a convenient way to haul the essentials is an absolute necessity. Bontrager offers a full line of on-bike storage solutions ranging from cycling seat packs to classic touring panniers, bike baskets, and larger travel bags that let you leave the backpack at home. Bike rack trunk bags are best for riders who don’t need to carry loads of stuff but need more storage than a seat bag allows. A bicycle bag is a practical way of carrying your belongings when out on your bike.

Roswheel Race Series Ultralight Bike Saddle Bag Bicycle lives up to the brand’s mission to provide first-class equipment for biking enthusiasts. This product is a perfect travel companion if you want to go on an adventure. I would most definitely recommend this for everyone looking for a budget-friendly and premium bag. The only thing that distracted me when I was using it was when the bag kept on bumping up against the holder. However, with few adjustments here and there, I solved this problem and gained a decent result. There are a good number of reasons why I highly recommend this bag for every cyclist who wants to get the most out of their riding experience. In this review, I will enlighten you about all the benefits you can get from this product. If you are looking for the right bag that can support all your riding supplies, I highly recommend going for the Rhypez Bike Saddle Bag.

Tuck the lining down inside your main bag and press along the top seam. Line up the top edges, mathing the side seams, and sew around the top edge. Box out the corners by ining up the bottom and side seams and sewing across the edge like you did for the main bag pieces. Place your two lining pieces right sides together and sew along the bottom and sides, this time leaving a 3″ gap in the bottom. place your two main bag pieces right sides togethe and sew along the bottom and sides. Cut a 4″ piece of elastic, fold it in half and sew it to the middle of this main bag piece. I like to stitch over it several times just to be sure it won’t pull out when my bag is done. Topstitch around the straps making sure you close up the hole from turning. Silca’s Phone Wallet is the widest on test and is often a snug fit with most jersey pockets.

Here are eight great boxes that can help you carry the stuff you need to get the job done—and make life easier in the process. If in doubt we’d suggest contacting the manufacturer to make sure the bag will be suitable for your setup. Despite these limitations, however, the Toploader is a great entry-level option for bikepacking. The Topeak Frontloader is a great option for those looking to get started in bikepacking, as it ticks many of the right boxes and is available at a great price point. Because it’s only secured at one mounting point , the Ultimate Six Plus does tend to rattle around quite a lot when riding on rougher terrain. This can be annoying, so it wouldn’t be our pick for off-road touring. But for the majority of bike tourers who will be sticking to paved routes, this wouldn’t be a problem. The Revelate Designs Harness is easily one of the most versatile and effective pieces of bikepacking luggage money can buy. It is our top pick for bikepacking, as well as mountain biking use. Accessory for the Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Tour Rack that allows you to carry virtually any type of pannier and helps balance heavy loads.

The main compartment also has an expansion zip to increase the capacity up to 30 litres in total. If it’s the latter you’re after, then looking out for waterproof linings and reflective padding will come in handy for those who use their bike as their main form of transport. Once you get over the name, there’s a lot to like about this bike bag. The Db Savage is a soft-sided travel bag with a race car-inspired roll cage. This internal framework bolsters stiffness and provides an additional level of protection against damage. This budget-minded case includes wheel bags and multiple layers of foam to protect the frame from the wheels. Two fixed wheels and a pair of rotating castors make the International Bike Box II as easy to maneuver as a shopping cart. Here are nine of our favorite bike travel bags and cases you can buy right now. Cases like Scicon’s AeroComfort require very little wrenching to pack and unpack a bike but are larger and likely to incur a bike or oversize fee. Thule panniers or bike bags are perfect for taking all the gear you need on your bike journeys – and always safely, securely, and in style.

Unlike the other bags we reviewed, the Ultimate Six Plus uses a rigid mounting system that screws on and stays semi-permanently attached to the handlebars. The bag can then be clipped in and out in a matter of seconds; we found it to be by far the quickest and easiest bag to attach or detach from the bars. The Harness is first secured to the bars, and then dry bags or other objects can in turn be secured within the Harness. Once mounted and cinched down, the Harness keeps things extremely secure over even the roughest terrain making it the ideal handlebar bag for mountain biking. And similar to other products from Revelate Designs it is exceptionally well made and tough enough to survive anything you might throw at it. If it’s your first time strapping a handlebar bag onto your bike then be sure to check out our buying advice at the bottom of the page.

A cycling backpack can hold anything upwards 10 litres and most usually is around litres in volume, which is a good compromise in size and portability. You can also get 75-litre backpacks if road aerodynamics are not a big concern. Then there’s half-shoulder messenger bags – convenient if you need to get items out of the bag quickly. You can just swing the bag around your shoulder and open the flap to access the main compartment or any other smaller compartment which always seem to placed very ergonomically just under your hands. It features external pockets for wheels and internal organizers for pedals and tools. Dakine’s Bike Roller Bag has enough space to fit 29ers, downhill bikes, and even 29er downhill bikes. The alloy base holds the frame by the axles, while padded wheel pockets and foam bumpers keep your bike protected. Integrated pockets allow riders to stash pedals, tools, a mini-pump, and other ride essentials. If you want to use additional padding to protect your bike during transit, consider using your cycling apparel, since it has to make the trip with you anyway.

Having only a few small items in the bag will tend to make it sag, and the harness won’t hold it effectively. It therefore might not be ideal for day rides where you’re only carrying a few things. We found it to be relatively secure too, although we probably wouldn’t recommend it for mountain biking. It’s quick to attach and detach from the bike, and at only 7.2 oz the weight is hardly noticeable. It’s extremely easy to access, and because of its small profile, it won’t have too much effect on your aerodynamics either. It’s also worth noting that because this is such a large bag, it needs wide handlebars to work, and you’ll also need a fair amount of tire clearance. We’d suggest getting in touch with Road Runner Bags before purchasing just to make sure it will work with your setup. The Expedition Handlebar Pack is a very minimal bag, and as a result it isn’t going to be the most secure option. It’s more than stable enough for road or light gravel riding, but we probably wouldn’t recommend it for rougher terrain or mountain biking adventures. No more reaching into your gym bag and getting a handful of shower gel.

I’m here to help you plan, prepare for, and execute your first bike tour and remove all the guesswork, wasted time and frustration that plagues so many first-time bicycle travelers. If you opt to ride with only one set of panniers, then you’ll likely want to purchase a larger set of rear panniers (maybe 45 liters?). The advantage to bucket style panniers is that they are relatively easy to get in and out of. You just unzip or unbuckle the top flat of the pannier, roll back the fabric, and then reach inside to get whatever it is that you need. If you want to carry your tent, sleeping bag and/or sleeping mat inside one of your panniers , then having four panniers is ideal. If you are planning to be on the road for one week or less, you can probably figure out a way to carry everything you need in just two panniers.