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Your floors will make a great first impression with new clients, and they can create an environment that your employees look forward to working in. We offer the leading brands of tile products from well-known industry names. Browse our selection to find what works best for your home. Make a statement – show off your style and class with stunning tile and stone from around the world. Get your dream floors now, pay over time with our easy financing options.

We proudly manufacture all our interlocking floor tiles in Houston, Texas, USA. Our flooring is sold via major online retailers such as Sam’s Club, Walmart, Amazon, The Home Depot and many more. Unglazed tiles can be a bit rougher, which means they’re more slip-resistant. Unglazed ceramic tile—or “quarry tile” as it’s sometimes called—usually boasts a COF of .70 and over. It’s a super-popular kitchen and bathroom floor for that exact reason.

Printing techniques and digital manipulation of art and photography are used in what is known as “custom tile printing”. Dye sublimation printers, inkjet printers and ceramic inks and toners permit printing on a variety of tile types yielding photographic-quality reproduction. Using digital image capture via scanning or digital cameras, bitmap/raster images can be prepared in photo editing software programs. Specialized custom-tile printing techniques permit transfer under heat and pressure or the use of high temperature kilns to fuse the picture to the tile substrate.

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After tile sets overnight, use a margin trowel to scrape off any thinset from the tile surface or in the joints. On a wet saw, cut the tile from the mark to the line, taking care not to go beyond the line. Then turn the tile and cut along the line next to the X, up to but not beyond the first cut.

Smooth or polished tiles are slippery to walk on when wet. If you have young children or elderly family members, wet tile poses a significant hazard. Installing wood-like tile isn’t for the casual weekend warrior.

A limitless spectrum of design and pattern layouts with lively color and balancing neutrals, create dynamic installations with Modular Landscapes. Seamlessly mix, match, and pair together our herringbone, ashlar, or random designs to create a one-of-a-kind, continuous floorscape. Luxury vinyl tiles flooring is done in different places such residential houses, offices, supermarkets, hypermarkets, hospitals, and institutions to give aesthetic appearance to the application. Fireproof, low maintenance porcelain decking, durable, hard wearing Ipe wood deck tiles, self leveling, adjustable height deck supports, non-combustible paver supports. We are positive that when your friends and neighbors see the difference that our flooring products can make in your home, they are sure to become our loyal customers as well. Start your own design journey today by visiting our showroom or giving us a call.

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For sale details, design tips and more straight to your inbox. Grout that is sealed should also be regularly cleaned to maintain its appearance. We recommend our Superior Grout & Tile Neutral Cleaner for everyday maintenance because it is pH neutral and nonacidic which means it is gentle enough to use on your grout daily. For deeper cleaning needs, ask a store associate for a recommendation. Generally, your design is only limited by your imagination. Stop into a Tile Shop to speak with an employee about what you have in mind.