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Bike Bags, Baskets & Panniers

Such a function is applied in this bag’s aerodynamics design that also gives me smooth riding. Furthermore, this product’s sturdiness scores big time with its 600D twill material. The incredibly durable piece is a go-to travel bag for riders who frequently go on trips. They can store their essentials inside without worrying too much about the bag tearing out too soon. Through the bag’s materials and design, I can guarantee that it is 100% waterproof. From its polyester material to its double zipper, the piece can offer you a worry-free ride under the rains. If your bike measurements indicate that it can accommodate both this bag and a water bottle case, there is no need to hesitate.

Like many things in the world of bicycle travel, there is no correct answer here. Deciding between the use of two or four panniers will depend on the size of your panniers, the length of your tour, the amount of money you are willing to spend, and any number of other factors. Lift the pannier’s carry handle upward above the top of your rack and hook the pannier on your rack’s outer railing. At this point, some panniers will lock to the rack automatically, while others will need to be locked and secured in place manually. Inexpensive bicycle panniers will have no attachment of any kind at the bottom of the bag. Medium grade panniers will usually have a bungee attachment of some kind, but this bungee is usually unmoveable and can quickly wear out or break after just a short period of time.

The shape, internal divider, and zippered security pocket all point to Attaquer taking a large spoon full of inspiration from Rapha on this product. The styling of this one is elegant, the large zipper ring makes it easy to open, and there’s just not much not to like here. Available in two sizes and a few colours, this is sure to be well-received if you’re looking to give a phone case as a gift. However, that leather does mean it’s a lot of money for what it does. Knowing whether your phone will fit into a particular case and if that case will fit into the pocket of your favourite jersey is obviously the trickiest part here. And in order to optimise for the latter, you’ll want to pick the smallest functional size wallet possible. Similarly, phones are starting to once again become more robust, and the latest crop of high-priced smartphones aren’t afraid of a little rainfall. In some cases, these cases are shaped as such to reduce pocket bouncing and sagging, and it is possible for a phone case to help toward a more care-free ride. If you’re the type that reaches back every 10 minutes to check that your phone, keys and cash haven’t slipped out of your pocket, then a phone wallet may prove the perfect accessory. In less than a decade modern phones went from being low-cost drop-proof devices to objects that are seemingly more delicate and valuable than your family’s heirloom fine china.

EXO-D45 Waterproof Dry Bag

Also, it is padded using durable HDPE boards and a rigid EVA to enhance comfort. The bag features an 8-liter capacity main compartment that enhances the better organization of tools and accessories. Also, it includes four durable Velcro straps to guarantee easy mounting and quick release of the bag. It features a versatile design so that you can carry it using hand or the shoulder using the carrying strap and detachable shoulder strap. Owing to the variety of pockets, you can use the bag to hold a variety of accessories and organize them neatly. Two expandable panniers offer additional storage for bicycle tools, protective gear, and accessories. Moreover, the expandable top pouch features external bungee cords enabling it to provide extra room to store different equipment.

The side panels—that open via Velcro closures to keep your cash and cards safely stashed away from the main compartment—are reinforced with plastic sheets. The easy-access flap-style cover opens and shuts in a snap with a magnetic buckle. This rugged pack from tools and accessories specialist Topeak is roomy enough for bars, gels, tools, and other essentials, and has an internal mesh pouch to keep it all organized. The Velcro straps hold it firmly in place over bumpy terrain. I would have liked a slightly longer zipper to open the top a bit wider for even easier access to my snacks. One particularly nice touch is the protected wire portal on the left side that allows you to stash an auxiliary battery to power your GPS for extra long days. Every bag on this list has been thoroughly evaluated and vetted by our team of test editors. We research the market, survey user reviews, and use our own experience riding with them to determine the best options. She evaluated them on performance, value, weight, and aesthetics to come up with models that serve every type of rider.

The length of the bike handlebar bag will also need to be considered. If your bike has drop handlebars, which tend to be narrower than their flat bar counterparts, you may need to choose a shorter bag so it fits on your handlebars. There are options on the list above like the Ortlieb 9L which are considered a compact design and are best suited for drop handlebars. The internal lining keeps your gear protected from inclement weather. The coated zipper not only allows you to easily open the pack, but also ensures the weather stays on the outside. Two internal mesh pockets help keep your phone, wallet, and keys separated and quick to locate inside the bag. This bag is small enough to carry as a shoulder bag yet big enough to fit all your essentials.

The main compartment also has an expansion zip to increase the capacity up to 30 litres in total. If it’s the latter you’re after, then looking out for waterproof linings and reflective padding will come in handy for those who use their bike as their main form of transport. Once you get over the name, there’s a lot to like about this bike bag. The Db Savage is a soft-sided travel bag with a race car-inspired roll cage. This internal framework bolsters stiffness and provides an additional level of protection against damage. This budget-minded case includes wheel bags and multiple layers of foam to protect the frame from the wheels. Two fixed wheels and a pair of rotating castors make the International Bike Box II as easy to maneuver as a shopping cart. Here are nine of our favorite bike travel bags and cases you can buy right now. Cases like Scicon’s AeroComfort require very little wrenching to pack and unpack a bike but are larger and likely to incur a bike or oversize fee. Thule panniers or bike bags are perfect for taking all the gear you need on your bike journeys – and always safely, securely, and in style.

The bags have the KLICKfix system and are produced with welded seams and a roll-top opening to keep the contents totally dry. There is a lot to like about Crumpler bags and if you are even slightly familiar with camera bags and/or cycling bags, you’ve heard about them already. What we love even more is when style matches high-quality materials, and this is just the case with the Brooks Dalston Tex Nylon backpack. The Rolltop Backpack is a quite new one from Rapha, the London-based brand favoured by cycling fashionistas, and combines city slicker styling with bike-specific features. The bag is designed for the rough and tumble of commuting and is made from a tough, water-resistant, abrasion-resistant fabric. The rolltop design has a retractable clip that ensures it’s easy to rummage around inside the cavernous interior, while the black stripe on the back has a series of attachments for lights and locks. As for ergonomics, the Yalta 3.0 has a moulded back panel with 10 little ridges so instead of having one big sweat patch on your back, you’ll have 10 smaller ones. Jokes aside, the moulded back panel actually helps air circulation between your back and the bag, so you will feel less hot and more comfortable as you ride. The shoulder straps are padded and have little storage daisy chains on them, although I would have appreciated the chain on the front of the bag so I can carry my D-lock outside the bag. Altura is best known for producing a range of wallet-friendly cycling clothing but this backpack shows the British brand isn’t just a one-trick pony.

The top mesh compartment is perfect for stowing a phone where you can see it to run maps, play music, or just grab it quickly for photos. Adjustable Velcro straps are easy to cinch around most frames—I’ve used this pack with a gravel bike, road bike, and a mountain bike with no issues. Most top-tube bags are mounted with Velcro straps to the top tube and stem or head tube. Some gravel and mountain bikes have fittings that allow you to mount bolt-on bags so you don’t have to bother with straps. We’ve called out a few models here with bolt-mounted options, but most of our picks are strap-mounted for versatility. You can attach a strap-mounted top-tube bag to a road bike, mountain bike, commuter bike, and more—but some bikes might require you to hunt down longer or shorter straps. If you’re in search of a bag that sits below your top tube, check out the frame packs we recommend in our guide to bikepacking gear. For cycling enthusiasts who enjoy commuting, touring, and trail riding, bicycle bags and bicycle panniers offer a means to carry necessary items while they ride. Panniers, which are packs or bags that are mounted on the front or rear of a bicycle to an attached rack, vary in type and purpose.

The straps also include various spacers so the bag can be fitted to a variety of handlebar shapes and sizes. This bag also features a reinforced section that helps to keep the pack stable and secure on your handlebars. The best are small enough that they won’t get in the way of your knees while you’re pedaling but have just enough space for everything you need. As far as other top-of-line features, we also look for durability, weatherproofing, easy-to-access pockets, and of course, whether or not the bag will match our bike. Most handlebar bags are designed to fit on the majority of bikes, so for most people this won’t be a concern. The ease of removal, shoulder strap, and complete waterproofing mean that the Ortlieb Ultimate Six Plus would also be a great option for a commuter handlebar bag, so it has versatility on its side.

Furthermore, there are multiple compartments which comprise of a large pocket with inner mesh pocket, rear pocket, two side pockets, and a top pouch with external bungee cords. Rapha’s smart-looking 25-liter bag is constructed with water-resistant and abrasion-resistant material. A strap down the center creates a series of loops for holding a U-lock or attaching things by carabiner. The fancy clip that cinches down the roll top section is self-retracting, so it always tightens to just the right amount. The ergonomic back panel and padded straps keep the Roll Top sitting comfortably on your back. Those straps have reflective tabs, and the entire bottom of the bag is a reflective panel, so the bag keeps you visible to cars from the front and back. There’s a small pocket on the interior and one on the exterior for easy access to a phone or key card. We all want to ride a little bit more, and one of the best ways to do that is to use your bike for transportation.

That includes its outer zipper that further protects my valuables from water coming in. As a recreational biker, I can attest that all your valuables are safe and well-protected. This bag accompanied my adventures for a long time and shows little tear and wear. Since the bag is made of anti-abrasive Nylon fabric, it does an excellent job of protecting my belongings for an extended time. The accessory comes with detachable Velcro straps that prevent my essentials from falling off during rough rides. Multiple excellent features are incorporated in this design, promoting optimal use for bikers. For instance, it comes with many compartments of different sizes, allowing us to keep our small belongings separately. The reflective line on it will also enable us to be seen in the dark, adding safety to our rides.