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Cnc Router And Cnc Laser

fiber laser cutting machine for metal 

Metal Cutting Tools are produced from tool steel which refers to a range of alloy and carbon steels, that have the right properties and are effectively suited to be produced into metal cutting tools. Laser cutting machine can also be used for decoration, advertising, service industries, such as stainless steel (typical thickness 3mm) or non metal supplies (typical thickness 20mm) pattern, logo, font and so forth. The oxygen or other active gas of CNC laser cutting machine is ignited in the laser beam irradiation. The material is melted. Compared with melt cutting , this sort of cutting good quality is reduced.

Flame cutting machine the cutting expense is low. It is 1 of the most economical cutting strategy when cutting thick metal. Flame cutting machine can’t cutting sheet metal plate. Flame cutting the heat-affected zone to be a lot bigger. So the thermal deformation is bigger.

Apart from usual components like metal wood or plastic these lasers are also valuable for cutting glass. Glass is a material used for numerous purposes. Besides the classic merchandise that can be made of glass like bottles and windows, this material is also beneficial in telecommunication or information. These up to date places call for a extremely higher precision level that can not be achieved by any other method.

With high power density laser beam and quick processing speed, so the heat affected zone and thermal deformation are little. SteelTailor Legend B5II table plasma cutting machine is an power plasma cutting and marking machine. Laser cutting machine processing with high efficiency. The cutting good quality is quite higher and steady.

Safety: A blanking press has a huge blade that moves quickly up and down, and doesn’t necessarily have security functions to avert a hand acquiring caught in it. A fiber laser is necessary to be enclosed by a light tight box which implies they are developed to run with no human intervention in the course of cutting.

CNC laser cutting machine in agricultural the development of agriculture and a variety of agricultural machinery has bee updated. CNC laser cutting machine can cutting sheet metals in higher efficiency. Laser cutting machine can minimize the price of creating agriculture machines.

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