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Oil & Gas Bearings

The requests on the apparatus utilized for oil and gas investigation and extraction are testing. AEC has given oilfield bearing arrangements and convey ideal execution for the oil and gas industry since 1973. The normal expense for seaward apparatuses can be just about as much as 15 to multiple times more prominent than the normal expense for land fixes and can fluctuate between various kinds of oil rigs. The expense of oil apparatuses and penetrating gear perpetually addresses an extremely huge capital consumption for an oil maker. AEC is driving in the capacity to guarantee accuracy expected answers for complex issues. Our experience will support solid activity and lift your efficiency.

We highly esteem providing a wide scope of bearings explicitly Oil and gas bearing supplier intended for oilfield applications. Hardware utilized in oil and gas investigations are liable to substantial burdens, very high temperatures, effective impurities, and steady vibration. Longer assistance life and expanded upkeep time periods hardware can further develop creation and decrease working expenses. AEC uses progressed insightful apparatuses and most recent bearing plan projects to accomplish ideal plan and surface profiles.

Basically, AEC is quality. Our materials consolidate high strength with magnificent wear opposition and solidness, yielding elite bearings for a wide range of administration conditions hence decreasing support and working expenses for end clients.

AEC bearings offer

high spiral and hub load limits

upgraded for intense working conditions

low grinding and low energy utilization

high unwavering quality and expanded hardware up-time

diminished substitution costs as opposed to driving contenders